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    Setup and Install Office

“Setup and Install with www.office.com/setup, or office.com/setup



Get started with Office setup and Install help.



Install After Activating office from www.office.com/setup.



Activate your Office after installation.

Office setup and Install help

How to Install Office Setup on Mac

Log into your office 365 account and you will get redirected to the download page. In case you aren’t, you can go to settings and then pick the Software. Now, under Install, Select that button to start downloading the installer package. Now, go to Downloads, you will find the installer package under the name Office installer.dmg or some variation of that name, double click it to launch setup. If you are unable to open and setup office, go to office Support Forum. When the first Office screen appears, select Continue to run the office installation process and sign in with your office subscription. Choose how you wish to install the Setup then Continue.

Steps to Activate Office Setup

1. After Activating the Setup, go to the Launchpad icon in the dock to show all your Microsoft Office apps, then click on the Word icon in the launchpad. 2. A window will pop up, saying what is new in Word. Select the blue button that says Get started to begin the activation process. 3. Enter your email address associated with the Office and your password to sign in. 4. The system will then check if you have entered the valid details to activate and install the product. 5. All the applications were successfully activated.

Uninstall Office from Windows

1. Once you are logged in to your PC, go to the control panel. 2. Find add or remove Programs from the control panel. 3. Now you will discover all the programs installed on your system. 4. Next, locate Office Click on the program, and you will Find these Choices to Uninstall or Repair. 5. Select the uninstall setup. Now you have to wait till the uninstallation is complete. 6. The last system will ask you to restart your computer. 7. You can reinstall or install Microsoft Office Setup at www.office.com/setup on your computer anytime.

Uninstall Office from Mac

1. Go to your app folder and open the office folder. 2. Double click ‘Office uninstaller.’ 3. In the uninstall Office product window, select the box close to the Office application to be uninstalled. 4. Click uninstall.

Where to enter your Office product key

Make sure you remember the account details so that you can reinstall or install Office suite later, without a key. If you ever get asked for the Product key, enter it without the hyphen. If you don’t have an account with Microsoft, you can always create one. Users can load some of the latest editions for a free trial from the web, and they can buy the product online from www.office.com/setup

How do I upgrade Office?

There are two different ways by which you can easily upgrade your office. One is for the one-time purchase and the other is for Microsoft 365. If you have a Microsoft 365 installed than you don't need to upgrade your office because you already have the most current version of Office and in near future, you will continue to receive the updates with no additional cost but if you are using a one-time purchase office you can upgrade that to any other product depending on the requirement and easily download the office setup from office.com/setup with the help of your product key.
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